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The same thing happens in a later episode when Ultraman Jack battles the rat-like monster Robonez who is incidentally created from the same suit as Kingstron. Never Learning, reducing him to a skeleton. In Fable IIdelivering the death blow to a human opponent with the shock spell leaves behind a charred skeleton. Red Shirts take note: Harry Redknapp 'I hate being away from her':

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Sometimes this is used to add an unsettling factor during a hero's attempt to salvage a vessel, or wandering through a Temple of Doom. In the anime, it's not just implied. After drinking from the wrong Holy Grail, Walter Donovan decays completely, including his bones, which are smashed against the wall when Indy pushes him back. One of these is to have the skeleton rip free from the demon's flesh, take a few steps, then disentigrates A variation in Exalted is the Pupeteer's Plague, a magical disease that kills your skeleton and makes it undead while you're still alive. The Gathering card Skeletonize connects this trope with Dem Bones. Richard decides to summon Dem Bones.

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