Facial numbness after orthognathic surgery

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It seems like feeling has somewhat returned to my upper lip. Numbness My lips feel less sensitive to touch, e. More swelling usually occurs with lower jaw surgery than with upper jaw surgery. This will often be easier directly from a cup or glass due to the loss of sensation in the lips. More than two-thirds of all subjects reported problems or interference in everyday life related to numbness in facial areas or around the mouth at 6 months postsurgery Table 5 ; Figure 4 ; and approximately half of the subjects continued to report problems related to loss of sensitivity in the lips Table 5 ; Figure 5. Laboratory and animal research has shown that sensory training enhances central nervous system reorganization, and in particular that of the somatosensory cortex.

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Subjects were randomized to one of the two exercise programs using a stratified block randomization.

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The impact of altered sensation affecting the lower lip after orthognathic treatment.

Avoid lying down flat as this may cause bleeding and an increase in swelling. Five items selected from the Patient Perception Questionnaires for evaluation of perceived problems with altered sensation. Short-term sensory impairment after orthognathic surgery. Neurosensory disturbances of the trigeminal nerve: With the use of rigid fixation small plates and screws which will hold the jaw segments together, it is seldom necessary to wire the jaws together. This can impair chewing or speech function and may need physical exercises to improve the condition. Relapse of the jaw position or unexpected shifting of the jaw structure is uncommon but can occur.

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facial numbness after orthognathic surgery
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facial numbness after orthognathic surgery
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