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Michael Metz, PhD, a sex therapist who gained huge respect for his work over many years recommended vaginal containment for an extended period of time to allow men to develop greater control over their sexual responses. Even the thought of it alone, let alone the main act, is like honey to the soul. It never occurred to me that the lump might be life-threatening," says Karen, of Hockley, Essex. After 2 — 3 weeks of engaging in natural penis exercise, you would see noticeable results. To me, not having a vagina would have meant that I was no longer Karen. It was then sutured into place.

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Orgasm is a force that unifies the woman and the man forever even after sex.

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Vaginal Containment

Eventually, in a matter of months, or even years, nerves will grow there again. But if a man with a tendency to reach orgasm too quickly enters his partner, and then lies still with her for about 10 minutes, perhaps making a few small movements as necessary to sustain his erection, then there will come a point quite naturally at which a change in sensation overtakes him. My vagina looked like a patchwork quilt, and all of a sudden I panicked that it wouldn't hold together. If I had thought it was a possibility I would never have delayed seeing a doctor. Whatever the explanation, whatever the technical language, it is a useful way of simply getting accustomed to a situation which might otherwise be so exciting that a man reaches climax before he or his partner wish him to do so. The only answer I was able to get within me was that, God invented sex for the sole purpose of enjoyment that is why men and women cant do without sex and the associated pleasure. I told the doctor that I would rather die than be deformed.

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bed faith in vulva
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bed faith in vulva
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